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About Raina

Raina Irene is a Heart, Soul, Spirit Practitioner and the owner of Beauty, Strength & Healing Inc.

She is a Licensed Esthetician and holds multiple certificates in Holistic Health, Spiritual and Emotional Healing, Plant Medicine, Reiki, Angels, and the Afterlife. Raina’s eclectic and spiritual diversity enables her to tap into your unique needs, supporting and guiding you to clarity and connecting you with your own healing energies.

Raina holds Healing Circles with the emphasis on Inner Wisdom and Understanding Grief. Educating from a heart of experience.  

From an early age, Raina was aware of the Spirit world. When she was a teenager her older sister went to Spirit, greatly impacting her view on life, and what was afterward.  In her early thirties, after her father’s transition, she began an even deeper exploration into the afterlife; however, it was her son’s sudden departure in 2017, that shifted her awareness, and took her on a journey from heart-shattering grief, to the realization that their bond is unbreakable, living and still possible.

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With her son-in-Spirit serving as her teacher, she learned to recognize, interpret and respond to the messages we receive from the ones we love in Spirit. She now works with mothers who have children-in-Spirit, helping them to understand that communication with their child is not only possible but happening all the time.

All you have to do is Believe, and you will see. Love is forever…

Our bonds Continue…

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