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I felt like I was lit on fire, every part of me ablaze.

My family, torn apart in an instant.

How was I, just one person, burning in my own pain, going to gather the ashes that remain and tether them back together?

Would it resemble anything that it was?

I knew this task would be impossible, but I was going to give it my all.

My nucleus, the only thing that mattered, had to survive.

I look back at that fire now and see the flames differently.

They were not burning me.

They were purging me.

Purging Us.

You can see so many things in the flames of the fire as it dances about, showing you its power and its different sides and visions.

Like life's perceptions and life illusions.

I have grown aware of the messages in the flames.

After all...

We have been burning for a long time.

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