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Oct 22,23

I am awe-struck by the power of the water as we walk slowly, without destination and on purpose.

We have become one mind, One heart and one soul.

My spirit so connected to you that I can perceive your thoughts by the way I know you carry yourself.

Yet as we walk, I don't want to get too far away from our own individuality, so I must ask what is on your mind, even though I think I already know.

Your words flow out like a stream of consciousness, and they fall upon my hearing in a new way.

I had gotten too far ahead of our thoughts and had read this situation from a whole different perspective.

You had other plans for us, for me.

Grateful for the walk, the words, and your heart, I see something altogether different.

You have shed light in the dusty areas I thought I knew.

We continue the walk, and you now allow my words to flow as I had allowed yours.

I long for these journeys by the water, where the sun's reflection of crystals dances across the water and makes patterns that shift and change like we have.

The wind singing through the trees is a lullaby that nurtures my soul to continue, to reflect, to allow, and to be in a space of unconditionality.

A big word for our short time here.

I sit in silence.

I see what you see, and it is so vivid I am in disbelief that I have seen it any other way.

I chase the butterfly that has captured my attention.

I know this is you whirling around me, laughing at how silly I have been.

I hold out my hand and you land ever so softly.

It feels so good to hold you once more.

And to know that

Our journey continues.

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