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The Plant Season of My Healing

I am in the plant season of my healing.

I can once again dig deep into the Earth and allow her soil to heal me.

Each year of these 6.5 years has been an evolution, and I am sure there is still more to come.

Year 1:

I just wanted to find Josiah, and in every moment, I could knew, saw, and sensed that

he was teaching me our new way of communication.

Our new language.

It was clear and I paid attention.

As year 1 morphed into year 2, I began writing all he had taught me.

A hundred bullet points I had witnessed in that first year, and with one look at each

sentence, I remembered every detail.

I wrote as he continued to show me.

I wrote until he told me I was done.

I panicked when I realized I had completed the book and this season.

Would he stop showing me the way? Would I begin to miss his signal?

Would I still feel him?

The 3rd year I released all of it.

The questions, the wondering what is next.

The need to do.

I released The Book into the hearts of Sacred Mommaz that I knew without knowing,

hoping that the words on the pages, which clearly came from some otherworldly source,

would do what it had done for me.

Bring Healing, Hope, and Peace, knowing that Our Bonds Continue.

Year three and a half to four I colored my arm, and my leg, with a kaleidoscope of


Tattoos in themselves are a ritual when done with intention.

I intended to let the pain be there for a season.

Year 4.

I believe I was recuperating, welcoming grandbabies, and still getting my footing.

Year Five.

The eye of the needle year.

Five and one have years and all I had gathered, through books, through Sacred Parents,

through my family, through classes, and through all the experiences.

And through the eye of that needle, I went.

Year 6.

6.5 now.

6.5 or 65.

The age I am turning tomorrow.

Which just clicked in as I am writing this!

A Birthday greeting from Josiah? I would say yes, synchronized numbers are most

definitely part of his language.

Back to the plants.

I am outside repotting my plants and I can sense,

A piece of me has fallen back to me, and you know what?

I like her better.

She’s super chill and just wants to BE.

Be present to where she is.

Be present to who she is.

Be present because that is all we have.

Just this present moment.

I suppose I have finally allowed a piece myself to come back to the Mother of this Earth.

She, like all Mothers, has been waiting.

From my heart to yours….

Beauty, Strength & Healing


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