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Dream Phone call from Josiah

Phone call dream from Josiah...

All day I was getting ready for the Soul retreat.

A retreat I attended last year that truly impacted my entire being.

This year I am privileged, no, honored, to be asked to come and share my heart, my experiences, my Healing Through Writing, and my Sacred Alchemy Deck with the Sacred Mommaz and the Sacred Soul Sisters that will be there.

In preparation for this, I was playing with my deck, asking Josiah to have a chat with me.

"I am so Grateful for you" and "What We have is Sacred" flew out of the deck, along with some other messages from other decks.

I put the cards back in the deck, reshuffled, remember,

I was playing, and...

"I am so Grateful for You" and "What We Have is Sacred," flew out again.

Now I am doubly happy and can feel HE is so happy with what I am doing.

Later that evening, I had a Healing Through Writing Circle.

In the end, I pulled some cards.

The first two cards that fly out again...

"I am so Grateful for You" and "What We Have is Sacred!"

I kid you not...

It took my breath away this time, and I quite possibly interrupted one of the Mommaz who was talking!!

I mean. It is not unusual for cards to reaffirm themselves to you.

Three times in one day feels extra confirming.

As my head lay on my pillow and my eyes closed for the night,

I was teary.

He sees what I am doing, and he is grateful I have allowed this, our journey to continue.

What we do for ourselves, and others is Sacred.

Around 4:00 am I woke from hearing him...

In my dream, I was somewhere where there were a lot of people. Possibly this retreat.

My phone rang, I answered it, and it was Josiah,

He was saying my name long and drawn out, like "MMMMOOOMMMM."

I said "Josiah, are you okay?" because I think I thought he was crying a little or in need. He said, "I MISS YOU SO MUCH!"

I said, "I miss you too, let's hang out tomorrow!"

then I woke up.

Can I just say...

Sometimes I just wish sleep and dreams would not be interrupted!

I did fall back asleep, no more dreams, but this dream hasn't left my mind.

Even though he is with me always, he misses the physical journey too and can, in an almost guttural tone, tell me.

Does he wish he was here? Oh, heck no, but he gets it, he gets me.

Maybe they still need us? Maybe things are different than we think.

Maybe as I heal, so does he, and vice versa.

Okay, just to end this writing, I pulled a card...

I am crying and laughing...

"I am so Grateful for You" just flew out.

You Guys!!!!!

What we have is so Sacred...

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