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Mother's Day A Healing Message

Mother’s Day 2022

We could all use a break, right? I have been in cocoon mode for months now?

Why? I don’t know if I have an answer that could pinpoint one thing. I just needed to honor the quiet, the reflective, and the need that my soul so desperately requested of me.

I had to stop wrestling with my mind. The constant chatter to do instead of just be.

How was I to grow within this void if I would not let the silence speak?

It is there that I found that piece of me that had flown out. The winged part of me that had to be reclaimed could only be found there, in the depths of the emptiness, in the place, I so desperately want to run from. Yet when I got still, I realized I did not have to run, I could fly with the wings of my spirit. That she was still a part of me, waiting for me to see her in all her grace and all her glory.

It can be so wearying to try. I want to just sit with this, with him. Just sit and be, aren’t I just being as you asked, by sitting with you?

“Yes, Mom, and no mom. When you are sitting with me like now? Yes, we are conversing, and you are being, allowing the chatter to quiet so I may speak, and no mom, when you sit in the quiet for too long, alone and sad, that is not being.

I have been here too, in the void, but only to wait for you to come and claim your wings. It’s so much easier for us to connect when you are flying close to me.

Here, put them on, and follow me.”


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