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When are You coming to where I am Mom!


In my dream, Josiah showed up at my home. He looked very much like he did when he was around 27 or 28. Tall, thin yet thriving. He had on those burgundy shorts I talk about in my book. We were just standing there chatting. He asked me when I was coming to where He was living now, which feels like Hawaii. I told him I was texting Rain about that right before he arrived.

He told me he wanted me to come alone. I, of course, agreed.

That is all I remember.

I came to my healing room to write it all out knowing he would expand as I wrote.

"You have been in a great retreat. Taking the time, you needed to be quiet, ponder and consider what is next. At times it felt like you were separate, alone, and broken; that is okay, good, and healing. I am just outside the door, it is ajar, walk through it. You must be willing to come to where I am. Hawaii, Paradise. When are you coming back?"

I knew I had been exactly as he had said. Quiet! On a hiatus, I was tired, and it has been healing, just to be. This mother needed to bring some healing to my heart so I could begin again. To heal the mother's wound.

All the wounds, not just this one. If you have read the book. The burgundy shorts represented a time of growth. He had outgrown them and needed something new. They lay folded on my lap as I write this.

"When are YOU coming to where I am Mom?"

It's not when will he show up here. He is here. It is about me, us showing up for them.

In my dream, I am not sure if I answered when. In my waking, it is now, it is always now. I see you in everything Josiah.

You are the Alchemy of Everything.

To be continued-----

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