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4:44am, Angel Awakening

I woke at 4:44 am.

My eye opened to see the numbers on the clock and would not shut again.

I said "Hello" and asked who was there.

There was silence, yet a silence of knowing, that I had been woken by angels.

I immediately got out of bed. I knew they had something to be said.

Now my mind doesn't like a lot of chatter in the morning.

It's not that it is dense or slow. It is just quiet. It doesn't like to stir up thoughts real fast until the fresh dew of coffee has filtered through it.

Well, maybe that is just me.

I like the still of the morning quiet. It's a peace that can't be recaptured in the hastening of the day

Angels are patient. They will wait on us. However, we, don't want to wait too long or our minds will fade the message they want to deliver.

I came back to my healing room with the intention of listening.

I felt drawn to pull from three different Angel decks.

The first deck-Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray.

The first card.

(Peaceful Warrior, Archangel Ariel.)

Archangel Ariel's name means "Lioness of G~d"

and is a warrior-spirited Angel who has a strong connection to the animal realm. She is here to help us have peace in our hearts with regard to people and animals too. She helps us look after those we love and find the strength to keep things going and helps us stand in the courage to seek peace, especially when your ego wants to just be right!

I really resonate with her. I always have. She is the first Angel that revealed herself to me while I was working on a client years ago. Her image was clear as day and her message came through loud! She gave me the word Strength.

It does take so much strength to walk a path of peace rather than chaos. To stand on the sidelines as an observer and allow without reaction.

I then went to my Archangel deck and the next card flew out.

(Peace, Archangel Chamuel.)

Chamuel's name means, "He who sees G~d" and is the Angel of love. His purpose is to help us with our hearts, and our relationships. To see through the eyes and heart of love.

The message on the card said, "Peace comes from remembering that only love is real".

Love is the highest vibration on this earth, next to joy. Can you imagine what would change in your life, your heart and soul, and within your spirit, if you would look at everything and all things through the eyes of love?

I have been reading yet another book on healing, this one is about ancient remedies from my ancestry. These remedies have been hidden for decades so I felt that I should pull one more card from a deck I have that is solely for healing.

Archangel Raphael healing deck.

Raphael means "G~d Heals" and is the Angel of health and healing.

I had to laugh when yet another card about peace flew out.

(Meditation. Dear Archangel Raphael, guide my mind and body to focus on PEACE, health, and wellness.)

The Latin word medius, which means "to make whole" or "to cure,' is the root of both meditation and medication. So, an alternative to medication may be meditation. Many studies correlate meditation with longevity and amazing health benefits. Meditation simply means focusing your mind consciously, either on peaceful thoughts and/or positive intentions.

Another reason my mind stays quiet in the stillness of the morning and whenever I allow myself the privilege of my personal peace.

So just for the s#!ts and giggles of it, I pull one card from my herbal deck. Rose flew toward me and landed on my lap!

Rose is the flower of the heart, the heart chakra, and of love, the highest vibrational flower that we have been given.

Rose helps heal a broken heart and fills it with love, and peace.

I love when this happens. When I can come to these tools, and they confirm each other over and over.

Archangel Ariel, Chamuel, and Raphael had woken me with a message of Peace and love, health and healing.

A confirmation to me I am in the flow of where they are leading me.

And a message to you, either as a confirmation too or if you needed a reminder to drop into your heart, see whatever is going on in your life through the eyes of love. Breathe in peace and allow it to fill you as you stand as an observer, participating with divine love and allowing the flow to move you, not the circumstance. That it is part of our divine right as a human to be at peace. That peace in itself is a form of meditation and meditation heals so many aspects of the human experience. Visualize these Angel around you, and exhale what triggers unrest. Image the most beautiful and fragrant rose you have ever seen and inhale divine love, let it permeate your entire being as you see yourself on the sidelines, observing. Doesn't that feel so much better than being in the throes of it?

Yeah, me too..

Beauty, Strength & Healing...


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