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Empaths Take Cover

I know, I know, what a crazy title.. Empaths take cover? What the hell is she talking about?

Well, Let me explain. In this world that is going sideways down a very steep hillside, and only hanging on by a blade of grass, we, who feel everything, are feeling every rock, tree, raging water, house, ship, car and broken window, down to the sound of the tiny pebbles that make up the sand on the beach, this wild rock and roll show the Earth is sliding down.

We, the ones who feel everything must.. Yes I said must, take cover in order to protect our own energy.

I, for one, have felt the quakes. I have taken cover in a cocoon made of armor, but is that really taking cover or self preserving? I would say preserving.

To take cover and to self preserve could be interchangeable, yet to me, the armor doesn't allow much in, not even the good. So we are left empty.

To take cover means to keep in check what we take in. What we allow in, Who we allow in. What we read, hear and talk about.

No, we can't completely sit blindfolded, but that is, as you know, irrelevant anyway, we are feelers! I want to keep this armor on, I really do, but what good am I to you, and for myself if I am dormant.

I do have a tiny excuse for needing armor for a while, we all do. We need to shut it down, and shut it out, so we can come back refreshed, with the armor of hope, healing, peace and most of all... LOVE.

I always want to sit with her, LOVE. She is always so beautiful, so thoughtful and so forgiving. Her heart is welcoming and kind.

That is our true Armor.

So, Empaths, take cover. Cover yourselves in LOVE. Cover yourselves in hope, Cover yourselves in healing.

And send it out to our Mother Earth. Let's build her a new stage so she can really sing in the rock and roll show of the century, because she will stop sliding, and when she does.........

I don't need to say anymore...

You can already feel it!!!!


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