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It's a short walk to the edge of life

I woke you to tell you this.

I want you to know that whether you leave this planet in the first moment of life here on Earth or 100 years later, it is a short walk.

It is all the same.

It may not seem that way to you as you feel the journey continues without the ones you love.

Yet it is all the same.

We are all walking the same path, in and out of this planet.

It is just a step.

You are here, in just a step, and I am there in your step with you.

The short trip to the edge of this life.

Not life completely.

This morning you had to know this, and I know you do.

In each moment that a tear falls, it falls to the ground and is absorbed back into the sphere of everything, and everyone.

The dew of love on your face does not go unnoticed.

Is not in vain.

It is in the name of love. All love.

I know this is hard on you, and I know you feel useless sometimes.

As if you may never understand why.

There is no why mom, there just is.

And Is, contains so many messages.

The short step is one of them.

Imagine just one more step, remembering, you and I are the same energy, then it can be done.

Now, here and at this time.

I stepped into all I was supposed to be there, on planet Earth, and then,

I stepped into all that I am now.

The steps are worth the road that is paved with love.

Our journey continues each step of the way.

In life, In Spirit, and in Love, and with all that is supposed to become of this, the adventure of what is.

Live in the Is.

Walk the steps, and know I walk in the same pattern as you, in the same direction, in the same way we have always walked, together, in the souls of our Spirit.

Heart to Heart,

Soul to Soul,

My Spirit is connected to Yours.

It is a short walk to the edge of life, yet each step represents so many possibilities.

Each step will produce the love you step in.

Walk to the rhythm of that.

Walk on in the direction we have always walked.

I am guiding you. I always was, and I always will be.

Our soul connection has always been and will always be.

Step into the dance of this life that you are still living in.

One day you will take that last step.

I will be the one who will take your hand her as I am doing there.



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