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What we have is Sacred

Earlier today I saw a meme that said,

July was Bereaved Parents month, and to reach out to someone you know, let them know you realize every day for them is a struggle, and tell them that their child won't be forgotten.

I didn't know this about July until today.

Five years, almost 7 months since that Sacred Day changed me...

Not ever did I think I needed a month. It didn't cross my mind.

I am pretty sure it's because every single minute of every day it never leaves, or she doesn't. That part of me that used to be, in the background, barely comingling with the fragmented parts that float just outside an atmosphere that I just can't seem to reach.

In fact, some days I don't have the strength, and some days I just don't care.

Then there is the reality of me.

The one that can't get enough of her family, kids, and grandkids. They are my medicine!

Whose soul comes out on paper. Who gets to sit in gratitude for her husband...

Her friends...

There is that woman too.

And the wise crone has come to me.

The years are teaching me also.

I am at a place where I guess you could say, I have evolved in this journey to where I have longer moments within the calm of me again.

Yet, I can be dancing, or seeing a butterfly with a broken wing, and it's all back.

And at that moment, I am "broken open" again,

and the fragments recalculate around me.

I think that is why I distract myself from writing.

I know this is who I am now, and this is where I must travel, and writing makes it real again.

Yet, Here I am, writing, and I encourage you to do it with me.

It is in that realness, that you find you.

It's the stabbing pain that forces me to grow.

I have much to live for, I have much to love for.

I have much to share.

and so do you.

Write it out.

I want to read your words; I want to know your heart.

I just don't feel connected to Bereaved.

This is a Sacred Journey...

When someone reaches out to me about a dream, a sign,

or a memory they want to tell me about Josiah,

I am over the moon grateful for them taking the time for me

and that is welcomed all year long. 💖 If July is something special, then I must rename it.

"Honoring the Sacred Parents Month..."


What we have is Sacred...

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