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Because of Josiah

Because of Josiah is a deep and soulful memoir into the life and heart of a mother, and her unending bond to her son, here on earth, and in Spirit. Inspired one morning by a conversation she overheard in her mind between Josiah and “The Ethereal,” Raina quickly wrote down what she had heard and began to sense a nudge from her son to continue the story. Josiah has found many unexpected and remarkable ways to communicate with his mother, that she calls, “The Alchemy of Josiah.” He continues to let her know that he has never left her, and that their bond is unbreakable, living and still possible. Raina’s raw and personal stories guide you on her authentic journey, with an honest look at grief—physically, emotionally and spiritually—and the power of healing that is possible, from living with, and living through, the Unimaginable Alteration in this Tapestry we call life. She puts into words, the heart of every Mother.

From the Author,

(Cards Only) $22

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Raina Irene

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Heart . Soul . Spirit

Raina Irene is a Heart, Soul, Spirit Practitioner and the owner of Beauty, Strength & Healing Inc.

With her son-in-Spirit serving as her teacher, she learned to recognize, interpret and respond to the messages we receive from the ones we love in Spirit.

She now works with mothers who have children-in-Spirit, helping them to understand that communication with their child is not only possible but happening all the time.


Intuitive Talk Therapy, Private Sitting

Intuitive Talk Therapy is  a type of guidance that can help you gain insight and understanding into emotions and thoughts you may be experiencing regarding a situation or event, and helps


you shift perceptions. When our perception shifts, clarity comes and our mind, body and spirit come back into alignment! 

$88 | 55 mins

Reiki & Reading

Reiki & Reading is an Intuitive talk therapy, with the added benefit of distant healing Reiki.


$111 | 77 mins

Wellness Consult

A Wellness Consult focuses more on the remedies to support you, mind, body and spirit, using plant medicine, nutrition & essential oils.

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$44 | 33 mins


The Medicine Is Within You


"Raina is highly intuitive, and the readings leave me feeling extremely optimistic, uplifted, and like I am able to navigate my world with more confidence! She also gives me the assurance that I need to trust my own intuition and connect with my higher power, and that is invaluable!"

"As a mother who also has a son in spirit, I am in awe of Raina’s ability to articulate the emotional depths of grief. She put into words what I could not!"

 Amy Bourdeau 

 Sharon Webster, 


"Raina writes in a way that offers you a window into her soul, into Josiah’s soul, at the most fragile times of theirs lives. I felt like I was walking beside her, holding her heart, as she was mending mine."

Lori Anna Geraghty, 



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